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Ads On Google are a small, dedicated team of Google AdWords Management Experts. We have the skills, commitment and experience to advance your online Search Engine Marketing efforts and dramatically boost your revenue.

Unlike many other AdWords Management companies, Ads On Google will give your business and online marketing campaigns the…

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Quality Score puzzle pieces

Optimise Your Website to Improve Your Quality Score

Ongoing updates of Google’s algorithm are merging the borders between AdWords and SEO. Where once upon a time a high Quality Score could be attained simply by having your AdWords keyword mentioned on the landing page of your ad several times or in an H1 or H2 Heading, things are now much more complicated.

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AdWords Vs Facebook PPC

The Rumble in the PPC Jungle

As marketers we are constantly trying to find the answers to some of the internet’s biggest showdowns. Who would win in a PPC faceoff? The vicious Google AdWords lion or the ferocious Facebook PPC tiger? Here is the tale of the tape the way we see it. Who’s corner are you in?

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