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I'm James. I work at Ads on Google as an Online Marketing Strategist. I specialise in providing online solutions for companies through SEM, SEO, and keyword research. With the help of the team here at Ads on Google, my aim is to help your business build a successful digital strategy to enhance brand awareness and cement your position as an online leader in your field.

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The Rumble in the PPC Jungle

As marketers we are constantly trying to find the answers to some of the internet’s biggest showdowns. Who would win in a PPC faceoff? The vicious Google AdWords lion or the ferocious Facebook PPC tiger? Here is the tale of the tape the way we see it. Who’s corner are you in?

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Facebook Hashtags and Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook Hashtags are in effect!

In a move that seemed inevitable, Facebook has introduced the use of clickable hashtags, allowing users to group comments and explore trending topics in much the same way as its rival Twitter. The tool is already prevalent on a variety of social networking sites including Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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