As marketers we are constantly trying to find the answers to some of the internet’s biggest showdowns. Who would win in a PPC faceoff? The vicious Google AdWords lion or the ferocious Facebook PPC tiger? Here is the tale of the tape the way we see it. Who’s corner are you in?

Deciding where you should spend your precious marketing dollars is often the most difficult part of developing a digital strategy. It is imperative that you have the right marketing mix to ensure you capture your target audience’s attention at the right stage of the buying cycle. Ultimately, using Facebook pay per click and Google AdWords concurrently would garner the best results. But if your budget is thin, what’s the best choice?



Facebook PPC ads differ slightly to Google Adwords as they utilize a push marketing strategy. This type of strategy means advertisers are forced to break through the advertising clutter to grab their target audiences’ attention as these ads are typically seen when users are scrolling through their newsfeed, busily looking at cat memes and baby photos. So it’s safe to say perusers minds are focused on things more important than your unique selling point. That’s why Facebook ads need to be extremely relevant to the target audience and present them with a strong, memorable message.

The good news is, Facebook allows advertisers to target micro-demographics by providing intimate information on their users such as their favourite films, books and TV shows. By doing so, advertisers can limit the amount of impressions to niche audiences that are highly relevant to their brand and more likely to engage with their ads. Add to this the fact that the average Facebook session tends to last longer than a normal Google search session, it’s worth considering Facebook for building brand awareness, loyalty and sending highly specific messages to your target audience.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords ads are generated based on a search query typed in by the user. In this scenario, the user is actively searching for your product or service, automatically qualifying themselves as a potential lead. As long as your AdWords account is managed correctly, all that’s needed is a clever call to action to pull customers in! Many businesses opt for an AdWords management company to maintain their accounts as the AdWords campaign management system is a lot more complex than Facebook’s.

The reason for this is the sheer amount of extended features, integration, and data on offer. App extensions, review extensions, product listing ads, remarketing, and display network ads which as of last week can display your Google+ posts across the web effectively expanding social brand content beyond the social network. Currently, Google is rewarding this feature to users with 0ver 1000 followers. What’s that? You don’t use Google Plus? We suggest you take a look at this article on why Google+ is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

There is no denying that Google AdWords is the most effective way to focus clicks and conversions for specific products and services. Users already have an idea in mind that they wish to explore, or a problem that needs to be solved. As opposed to Facebook where the user’s initial intent is to be entertained, not sold too.

Final Thoughts

We are all aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and hold consumers’ attention and to establish a strong top of mind position for your brand. While your brand should include Facebook in its marketing mix to develop brand awareness, if you are not able to spread an already thin budget any further, put those dollars into a tightly run, well managed AdWords campaign. The ability to target customers already searching for your product, combined with the extensive range of additional features, makes the AdWords a superior beast in the wild world of PPC advertising. And with the addition of Google+ integration we feel Google’s claws will only become more deadly.